Mini Movie Review: Push (2009)

Having never read the source material, I watched this the other day purely on a whim. The film is an action thriller that revolves around a group of psychics born with various powers who use their special abilities against a government agency that is experimenting with a dangerous drug to try and create an army of super psychic soldiers.

The psychics fall into several categories including Watchers who can see the future, Pushers that are able to impose thoughts onto their targets and Movers who have telekinetic powers and can move objects at will. There are plenty others, not all of which are immediately obvious and the action scenes in particular between the Movers are well staged. You can’t help but think what would be the coolest special power to have!

Not a bad movie but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought and the rather confused plot ended up tidying all the loose threads far too neatly, rather like the final Harry Potter book. Worth a revisit on DVD and one of those films that probably deserves a second viewing.

Score: 3/5


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