New web deal nobody cares about

Bloated software giant Micro$oft and grossly overrated search engine dinosaur, Yahoo have announced they are to share a bed together in the vain attempt to take on the might of slutty Google.

Micro$oft’s own search engine, the stupidly named Bing, was recently launched to absolutely no fanfare as it was crap whilst the popularity of Yahoo is a mystery given that its directory type listing has always been about as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

Micro$oft, as is so often the case when it can’t compete on innovation, offered to buy Yahoo back in January 2008 with a generous $47bn bid but the deal was scuppered when delusion boss Jerry Yang demanded a higher price, seemingly on the assumption that he’d travelled back in time to March 2000.

In the new 10-year deal announced earlier this week, Bing will power the Yahoo website and in return, Yahoo will become the advertising sales team for Micro$oft’s dismal online offering whatever that is.

Great! Just what the Internet needs, yet more annoying useless adverts powered by a half-baked search engine that couldn’t find a pint in a pub.


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