New Speaker, New Gravy Train

John Bercow, the corrupt and very grubby new Speaker for the House of Ill-Repute, has pushed through a £9,000 expenses package to give the MP pigs at the tax-payer funded trough a £25 per night no receipt required and no-questions-asked expense allowance for each night that they spend away from their designated home on "parliamentary business".

In a truly shocking display of arrogance and sleaze, Bercow chaired a small committee of MPs that approved the new expenses package, double that of the previous year, without any debate or public announcement. This is despite the public furore over MP expenses at a time when everyone is cutting spending and tightening belts whilst the bent bastards at Parliament live the life of Riley.

With this rotten lot, you are guaranteed that flipping of secondary and designated homes will be mandatory to ensure the maximum amount of money is claimed. And with a gloating Bercow in charge of further polluting public standards and parliamentary process, you’d expect nothing less from someone with a gold plated record on abusing the expenses system.


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