Former Home Secretary admits uselessness

Disgraced former Home Minister Jacqui Smith has finally admitted what the rest of the UK population has long known; that she just wasn’t up to the job of Home Secretary. The announcement was unsurprising not only because Jackboots Jacqui isn’t up to the job of Downing Street door-opener let alone minister, but also because it took her so long to figure out something everyone else has known since the first day she entered Parliament.
Piggy Smith is the one who claimed expenses from the taxpayer funded trough for her husband’s porn movies and also declared her sister’s spare bedroom in London where she spends 3 days a week is her main home thus pocketing thousands in second home allowances.

In more revelations from this over-promoted, under-achieving leech on the public purse, Smith also whined that she’d never run a major organisation before and managed to get by on pure luck alone.

Sounds about right for anyone in Gormless Gordy’s talentless government of the dishonest.


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