Mr Ed pushes agenda full of horse manure

Always eager to rob taxpayers for as much cash as possible, Nu LieBour are spinning ever more elaborate lies to push under the guise of "environmental issues". This time, it’s the turn of Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, younger brother of wetter-than-a-jellyfish David Miliband, who revealed that the cost of air travel and driving is set to soar to pay for Bottler Brown’s Grand Plan to save mankind and the whole universe from global warming and whatever other tax-raising ruse he can fabricate.

Renewable energy and a green agenda for houses will be pushed by LieBour so that taxes can be hiked which is ultimately what The Bottler wants. Those who fail to comply will be threatened by higher council tax or stamp duty when they come to sell their property with Mr Ed gleefully pointing out the transition will be painful and costly.

"It does mean big changes in people’s lives," said Miliband the Junior. "That does mean some costs for transition. My job is to counter those effects as much as I possibly can, helping people with energy efficiency and having tough regulation."

No Ed, your job is to resign and stop spouting this claptrap. If you’re really concerned with reducing greenhouse emissions, you can start by shooting yourself and as many as your equally useless colleagues as possible.


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