It’s out with the bad and in with the rubbish

Well the new speaker has been elected by the politician thieves at Westminster and is none other than turncoat Tory John Bercow, a preening, arrogant, self-centred, strutting peacock of a man who has swung more ways than a pendulum on a ship. From ultra right-wing leanings as a student politician, Bercow, who epitomises the kind of smug-fest cretin that’s just itching for a slap, realised that getting into bed with ZaNu LieBour was the way to quick riches and an easy job that requires as much intellectual capacity as a bag of unsalted crisps. Hence, Bercow has been plotting to get the job of Speaker for the last 4 years and finally succeeded through a combination of slack jawed Labour votes nodding through a man who has been tarnished by the MP expenses scandal and a concerted effort by Bercow to kiss as many Labour backbencher bottoms as possible.

Of course, Labour being the bunch of vindictive, self serving champagne socialists they are were only too happy to elect Bercow as the new Speaker, particularly as he’s hated by his own party. By installing this incompetent fool into one of the high offices of state was a way of sticking 2 fingers up at the Tories without any regard for what Parliament needs and what the electorate demanded.

Bercow is a career politican neither fit for the job nor capable of cleaning up the Westminster sleaze. Indeed, Bercow has been crowing about MP’s not being paid enough and stating a basic salary of 100k should be forthcoming. Let me repeat that again in case you misread, the new Speaker is a man who has been championing a 40% rise in MP salaries from 65k to 100k during a period of recession where many are being forced to accept paycuts at a time when MP’s of all parties have been found to have abused the expenses system and robbed the taxpayer.

There is a tradition that the Speaker is dragged to the chair upon election. Never mind dragging him to the chair, they should have dragged him to the door and thrown the creep out. If you thought Gorbals Mick was bad, wait until you see the damage this puffed up twit will do to democracy.


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