Clueless Clegg comfy in EU cloud cuckoo land

The European election results are in and as well as a disastrous night for ZaNu LieBour who polled the worst election results for 100 years, it was curtains for the Lib Dems too who were pushed into fourth place behind the Conservatives and UKIP with just 14% of the vote. Of course, the reasons for this mauling at the ballot box are crystal clear for everyone except leader Nick Clegg who had been aiming for a second place finish that was never going to happen with a rabid pro-Euro stance.

Nobody wants the EU. It serves no useful purpose. Europeans are proud of their cultural divides and do not want further unity or integration. The EU is a monumental waste of money and space, a hugely corrupt, arrogant and undemocratic vehicle that suits only a cosy European elite and makes the Westminster gravy train look like small change. That’s why the there has been an increasing wave of hostility towards the half-baked Lisbon Treaty that was shamefully ratified and signed off despite both France and Ireland having rejected it.

Our own cowardly PM refused to hold a referendum on the issue breaking a ZaNu LieBour election promise to do so, but hey, this is Bottler McBean and he lies and breaks promises as easily as other people breathe. Watching McBonehead slink into Lisbon to sign the treaty was sickening as was his demented claim that Britain’s interests would be protected.

The Lib Dems blame the arrogance of Labour for ruining EU relations and say Britain needs to "stand tall" and play it’s full part in the EU. No we bloody well don’t! The UK is just fine without the meddling incompetence and expensive bureaucracy of the EU, we DO NOT WANT political integration, we DO NOT WANT social integration and we certainly DO NOT WANT monetary integration. As with Norway and Switzerland, it is perfectly acceptable to have trading agreements with our neighbours and leave it at that. The UK economy is far stronger than any of the other, mainly socialist, EU countries which is why everyone else wants us in. They need our money and are happy to provide nothing in return except asylum seekers, immigrants, crooks and asinine rules as to how long cucumbers should be.

Poles and Romanians were rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of getting the free money and passport to Treasure Island UK. No surprise that over a million headed to the UK upon entry to the EU to set up camp here and start claiming benefits with all God speed. Even less of a surprise that our spinelesss government did nothing to stop this and even encouraged it in most cases.

It beggars belief that the Lib Dems would so obviously shoot themselves in the foot by insisting on this ludicrous pro European stance when you can see the hostility in the UK from space. Until clueless Clegg comes to his senses, he can continue losing votes and living in his EU cloud cuckoo land.


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