Spineless PM in double scandals row

The character deficiencies and double standards of Beancounter Bottler McBrown were bared for all to see yet again as he refused to sack cheating ministers Geoff Hoon (Transport Secretary) and James Purnell (Work and Pensions Secretary). These two sleazy sacks of horse manure both flipped their houses to claim the maximum amount of mortgage interest repayments from the taxpayer, kitted them out from the taxpayer purse and then avoided paying capital gains tax when selling on the homes for a tidy profit.

Hopeless ginger muppet Hazel Blears did exactly the same thing flipping her home 3 times in one year and whereas Gormless Gordon McBumble denounced her actions as "completely unacceptable", when it came to Dumb & Dumberer’s turn, he couldn’t get into bed with them quick enough.

Of course, the reason for this is as plain to see as the slack-jawed nuance of McBottle when he’s giving a speech. Blears openly criticised McBuffoon a few months back for his demented and hilarious yet cringeworthy appearance on YouTube announcing some half-baked plan about MP expenses that appeared to have been knocked up in between changing his taxpayer funded lightbulbs.

Whereas the 2 goons in McClown’s cabinet are considered loyal lapdogs, Blears is being sidelined as punishment for daring to openly criticise The Saviour Of The World.

Makes not a jot of difference to me who said what to whom, they’re all as rotten as each other and should be shot.


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