BBC demands money for iPlayer

BBC chiefs are drawing up plans to charge viewers for using the iPlayer. Not content with already charging an extortionate licence fee to watch endless repeats on your own television in the comfort of your own home using your own electricity, the BBC also uses bully boy tactics to collect payment and assumes everyone is guilty as charged unless they cough up.

With the launch of iPlayer that allows you to watch BBC programs online, the BBC reckons this is reason enough to start charging a subscription to iPlayer, hiking the existing licence fee or even demanding viewers buy a separate iPlayer licence altogether.

What kind of mindless left-wing corporation forces you to buy a licence to watch your own TV in your own home? And none of this pony about quality programming, with the exception of Top Gear that’s available on DVD anyway, there’s precious little else worth watching on BBC.

The TV licence website demands that "you must be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. It makes no difference what equipment you use – whether it’s a laptop, PC, mobile phone, digital box, DVD recorder or a TV set – you still need a licence."

This of course is absolute nonsense. If you have a TV, set top box or decoder that is not tuned into any BBC channels, you do not need a wretched TV Licence. As for mobile phones and computer kit, who are they trying to kid, we’ll bloody well watch what we want, when we want and on whatever we want.

Here’s a tip, if any of the knuckleheaded TV Licence "enforcement officers" visit your home, don’t bother answering the door. If you do, either set the dogs on them or empty ZaNu LieBours weekly waste food bucket over their heads. That rubbish has to go somewhere and what better place than the rubbish left-wing mouthpiece of a rubbish government?


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