The Westminster Stench

And so it begins. Since the Daily Telegraph began publishing accounts of MP’s expenses, we’ve been subjected to all manner of sleazy expense claims across the political spectrum, from tampons to an 88p bath plug and porno movies to a packet of Maltesers.

Central to this banana republic level of corruptness is pig-headed coot and professional cretin, Commons Speaker Michael Martin, a thieving shop-steward and former trade union activist who’s never had a proper job outside of politics and is a feeble Commons Speaker. Of course, Gormless Gordon McBottle being the coward he is still insists that no doing has been wrong and that everyone was acting within the rules which is very convenient when the halfwits at Parliament make up the bloody rules!

Watching Gorbals Mick McMartin jab his finger and turn red whilst mangling his way through a speech silencing the few honest MP’s who dare to question his authority was disgusting. This is the man who bawled I did not get into politics to not rightfully take what is mine and eager to taste the trappings of power and prestige, he will cling onto office until his fingernails drop. Gorbals Mick own expense claims are outrageous and it’s his arrogance, sheer incompetence and reluctance to clean out the stables at Parliament that really grates, as if he really believes he has the right to steal money from tax-payers on a day-to-day basis.

I say line up this worthless, useless, idiot, shoot him in the foot and then throw him in jail. Absolutely zero need for the likes of Gorbals Mick and at least it’ll ensure the corrupt SOB doesn’t get his gold plated tax payer funded pension and £100k severance pay.


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